A few words about us

We are committed to excellence in service and maintains high levels of adaptability to the necessities of our customers, regulatory implementation and technology to the highly ever changing world market.

Reliable. Secure. Affordable.

Changes in fuel prices, currency fluctuations, prevailing economy conditions, tougher regulations on transportation and stricter security measures at our borders and airports all impact the cost and logistics of transporting goods. Our well-refined 3PL services help take the guesswork out of your transportation needs, letting you and your team stay focused on what you do best.

Our MISSION lays the foundation

To provide freight transportation solutions that focus on superior quality partnerships, impeccable service, customized solutions and complete customer satisfaction.

Meet Our Team

Jain Smith

Customs Clearance Clerk

shan carter

Customs Coordinator

Jack dany

Customs Compliance Analys

Mary Jain

Customs Compliance Director